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Feb. 14th, 2012 10:06 am
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Welcome to the personal journal of Lo! A place for bits and bobs about OCs and other silly things like that.

Name: Lo
Gender: Female (she/her/hers)
Timezone: GMT (UK)

Email: sayitwithpocky(at)gmail.com
Plurk: [plurk.com profile] khajidont

AIM: squidnow
Skype: octogirlies
Line: Come and ask me for it! I'm perfectly happy to give out my username or QR code, but I'd appreciate knowing who you are before adding.

Nintendo ID: octogirlies
Steam ID: octogirlies
PSN: vectorbrit

Personal tumblr

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Holiday season is soon upon us! Which means an excuse to send people shit! I LOVE sending people shit. (Everything I send is usually covered in stickers).

Obviously I need your address, but please also let me know your handle and/or plurk so I can be triple certain of who you are.

Don't forget to include your country, pretty please.

Comments are screened for your privacy.

These letters are coming from the UK so delivery might take a while depending on where y'all are. Most of you are from the states so expect them to take at least a week, further delays from seasonal postal traffic notwithstanding. I probably won't send any out before the end of October/the first week of December, though. I'll holler on plurk when they enter the postal system!

If you don't celebrate Christmas I can still send you a Generic Holiday Card(tm)/normal letter. I've been meaning to pick up some adorable general-use cards anyway. Everyone gets mail!!
You can request a specific holiday greeting if you want (or feel free to abuse this privilege and make up a silly fake holiday name. Happy Mince Pie Season, everybody!)
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A teenaged octopus hybrid, Maya shares the same curious and inquisitive nature that her genetic ancestors are known for. She's hugely intelligent, though you'd be forgiven for not guessing as much when she has all the social literacy and tact of something that just crawled up from the bottom of the ocean. Her sometimes inappropriate fascination with anatomy fuels her ambition to one day become a doctor and work with hybrid patients.


Elusive and antisocial bat hybrid who is classmates with Maya, Steph keeps to herself and has difficulty making friends. Her unflinchingly blunt manner of speaking often keeps people at bay...not that she minds so much when her hearing disorder can turn socialising into a draining task. Skilled with mathematics and programming, Steph has a lot of potential, but holds back from reaching for her dreams out of both a lack of confidence and a desire for an easy life.


Ambitious gecko hybrid Kelly will do whatever it takes to reach her goals, even if it means stepping on her friends to get there (sorry not sorry, Steph). While her public persona is that of a kind and mild-mannered young woman, the real Kelly is bitter and cynical. She turned her own daily life into a public performance when she realised being true to herself wouldn't get her anywhere in this world, but keeping up the facade is draining for her and she has a lot of issues hidden underneath.


In his youth, Marlin travelled far and wide before finally setting down his roots in Fire Bay to start a family with his wife, Marla. Doting father of Maya Ayling and head chef of Ayling's Seafront Restaurant, Marlin is a dedicated and cheerful guy who does whatever he can to make life that little bit happier for both his family and his customers. He's much more worrisome than he likes to let on (though with a daughter like Maya, who can blame him?) but he's big-hearted and the most welcoming host.
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☐ Friends with benefits
☐ High school slice of life
☐ Uni/college dorm-life slice of life
☐ More slice of life in general
☒ Non-human (but sentient) character being made another character's beloved pet
☐ Said sentient pet being kept in a collar and lead around on a leash
☐ Gratuitous hurt/comfort with one character suffering a long-term illness or injury and being cared for by their SO
☐ My character getting to do something heroic
☐ My character getting to do something self-sacrificing, heroic or otherwise
☐ In-game relationship
☒ In-game sex scene
☐ In-game character illness (for the hurt/comfort and/or the fact all my characters are dorks when sick)
☐ One character trying to teach another how to please their SO w/ physical demonstrations
☐ Non-human character turning human and learning to deal with the change over time
☐ Maya living out the same identity crisis issues she experiences in "canon" in a game
☐ Have in-game OC canonmates
☐ Fill all 100 icon slots on Maya's journal with her squishy octoface
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50 themes, one sentence each challenge
Pokemon; original universe, roleplay based
Characters: Clarence ([personal profile] bandagedmandit) & Richard Richie Rick Dick ([personal profile] gruntingtsun)
Genre: Stupid/cute various, but mostly romance
Rating: Awesome T for language, stupidity, and run-on sentences
Author's notes: Prompts from [livejournal.com profile] 1sentence, themeset Alpha

Stupid, but cute, but oh so stupid... )


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